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I'm Grace Barkhuff (she/her), a second year PhD student at the Georgia Instutute of Technology in Human-Centered Computing.

I am advised by Dr. Ellen Zegura and mentored by Dr. Judith Uchidiuno.

My work focuses on the teaching of computing ethics at both the undergraduate and master's levels. So far, my work has centered around the perspectives of educators related to the teaching of ethics, including why they do or do not teach the subject and how they think it should be taught.

Prior to my PhD, I completed a master's in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech with a focus on UX Research. I also worked as a software tester and product manager with a focus on accessibility for people with disabilities. My undergraduate education was in mathematics at Mount Holyoke College.

Contact me at grace.barkhuff [at] gatech [dot] edu

Headshot of Grace. A white woman in her late 20's stands behind a metal bar with the green leaves of a tree in the background. She has long brown hair and round glasses.