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I'm Grace Barkhuff (she/her), a second year PhD student at the Georgia Instutute of Technology in Human-Centered Computing.

I am advised by Dr. Ellen Zegura and mentored by Dr. Judith Uchidiuno. My work focuses on the teaching of computing ethics at both the undergraduate and master's levels. I routinely use UX Research skills in my research.

Prior to my PhD, I completed a master's in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech with a focus on UX Research. I also worked as a software tester and product manager with a focus on accessibility for people with disabilities. My undergraduate education was in mathematics at Mount Holyoke College.

Contact me at grace.barkhuff [at] gatech [dot] edu

Headshot of Grace. A white woman in her late 20's stands behind a metal bar with the green leaves of a tree in the background. She has long brown hair and round glasses.