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Technology and Sustainable Community Development

In Summer 2023, I worked as a Program Assistant / Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course Technology and Sustainable Community Development during the summer study abroad program in Bacelona, Spain. I graded essays and projects and provided both academic and social support for students in the study abroad program.

Girls Who Code

In Summers 2021 and 2022, I worked as the lead instructor for virtual Girls Who Code classrooms, teaching 30 (2021) or 60 (2022) students each over 3 sessions. We covered introductory HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Girls Who Code practices culturally responsive teaching practices and focuses on building classroom culture.

Introduction to UI Design

In Fall 2021, I TA'd for the undergraduate course Introduction to UI Design. I graded papers and projects, created content, and taught a recitation of approximately 30 students.

Guest Lectures

Technology and Sutainable Community Development

Summer 2023: I conducted a guest lecture using Dr. Casey Fiesler's Black Mirror Writer's Room exercise.

Qualatative Methods

Spring 2022: I conducted a guest lecture on user personas.